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MED-LINE, the more advanced choice for the skin

MED-LINE is a bio cosmeceutical brand launched by KRIBS, a research and development group for functional cosmetics.

Now, meet the Secret Skin Solution MED-LINE, once enjoyed by only a few clients.

​The reasons why nature-based MED-LINE is differentiated skin care are its promises 

that can’t be fulfilled by anyone else and our long-held philosophies. 

MED-LINE is a clinical skin care line prescribed on the basis of verified, unique research results, patents, and technologies.

The KRIBS group investigates and develops cosmetics at its own skin research institute and manufacturing facility,

from R&D in functional materials to the production of complete cosmetics.

MED-LINE, meaning ‘Medical Science’, is the cosmeceutical brand

that combines the exclusive functional materials and unique bio-technology of KRIBS.

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