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The exclusive functional materials of MED-LINE,

its innovative bio-technology and more qualified honesty and cleanliness.

MED-LINE enhances the standards and qualification for everything that touches your skin.

MED-LINE offers solutions
only by research results that
can verify both safety and efficiency.

No harmful substances are used.

Some cosmetics have been created through innovative research even though they were made by non-experts in many cases. MED-LINE proposes a solution for fundamentally improving skin only by research that can offer supported evidence.

Approximately 20 kinds of harmful substances in 7 categories including parabens, SLS, TEA, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and ethanol are never included. MED-LINE enhances the native and natural restoration power of the skin with a safe, hypoallergenic and unstimulating prescription.

MED-LINE promises a reasonable price.
MED-LINE uses materials
from fair trade as much as possible.

A significant part of the cosmetic price reflects the research service expenses and manufacturing service expenses. MED-LINE holds its own dermatology research institute and exclusive manufacturing facility allowing it to provide reasonable prices while containing more qualified substances and more advanced technologies than other expensive cosmetics.

It’s both common sense and an obligation to fairly share profits with partners supplying the best quality materials from reliable sources.

MED-LINE delivers fair compensation to partners through fair trade as well as healthy reliability to clients.

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