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MED-LINE advances one more step. MED-LINE is complete with good materials, optimum mixing formulas, and five kinds of innovative bio-technologies.

The active energy of stem cells
is delivered wholly to the skin.

Nature-derived substances are delivered more effectively and safely.

Cell technology cultivates stem cells containing the source energy of plants and extracts the energy without loss or transformation. Through cell technology, MED-LINE delivers the intact effective energy of various kinds of natural plants to the skin.

Just because something is natural doesn’t always mean it is excellent or safe. MED-LINE activates the anti-aging, anti-oxidant and whitening energy contained in natural materials more than ever before and separates harmful substances from these natural ingredients.

neither chemical preservatives
nor similar preservatives.
Resilience densely filled in
from deep inside the skin.
Protection enhancing
the safety of active substances.

MED-LINE has registered the world’s first patent ‘Manufacturing Method of Non-preservative cosmetics’. This method completely sterilizes microorganisms and germs causing spoilage in cosmetics at the optimum conditions. MED-LINE can be safely stored for a long time despite having no chemicals for preservation or chemical preservatives.

If good substances remain only on the skin’s surface, it will lead to only superficial improvement, won’t it?

MED-LINE’s nano technology makes the active ingredients very tiny without a loss of energy. Fine functional substances penetrate into the dermal layer and create healthy skin, creating density from deep inside.

Active substances become useless when being exposed to external stimulants including air. The active substances contained in MED-LINE are surrounded by a protective capsule film.

MED-LINE’s capsule technology thoroughly blocks any potential spoilage and helps to deliver active substances to the skin more safely.

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